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5 ways to declutter your bank account

Sep 12, 2021

Did you know you can declutter your finances the same way you declutter your house?

A lot of our mental energy is wasted with clutter.

My house is a working progress with removing clutter, I have rearranged the house so many times that my husband doesn’t even bat an eyelid if I move everything around again.

And don’t even get him started on all the cushions that I purchased when we got our couch 6 years ago - just FYI I have been slowly hiding them over the years hoping that he doesn’t notice haha! those damn cushions looked pretty in the store but with kids they end up everywhere but the couch! - latest fun game is floors lava (thanks Bluey)

See 5 years ago I thought that if we had the house, the fancy car, pretty furniture then it would look like we had it together and we would be happy.

I purchased random things that I saw in catalogs. My house became a cluttered mess of kids toys and assorted junk. It left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

A that time my bank account wasn’t much better.

Money was leaving it faster than it was coming in. And I had no idea where it was going. All just a chaotic mess.

I lacked clarity and direction.

So much of my headspace was taken up worrying about money and I had many moments where I just wanted to remove EVERYTHING from my house and start again.


Today, yes I am still picking up toys from the floor, my house is still a mess, and I have rearranged my office aka my sons bedroom so many times in the past month.

But I am no longer buying stuff to organise my spaces - I work with what I have got.

And checking in on my budget monthly takes a few minutes rather than HOURS of scrolling through my bank account feeling depressed.


How did I create calm and clarity?

We set a goal.

We pulled back to the basics

We decided on what was a need and what was a want

And we created actionable steps.


Would you like to create calm and clarity in your banking structure?

Here are 7 decluttering principles I applied to my finances:

  1. Stop the flow of stuff coming in.

    Place a pause on excess spending. To start getting clarity on your expenses you need to stop unnecessary spending this will help you monitor what is going out.

  2. Declutter one expense at a time.

    Write a list of ALL your expenses, pick one expense to reduce or eliminate. Research to see if you can get it for a better price. ie car or home insurance. Once done move onto the next one.

  3. Declutter the easy stuff first.

    Cancel subscriptions that you don’t need. This doesn’t have to be long term it is just for the moment while you get a handle on your expenses

  4. Don’t be afraid to let it go.

    Changing habits are a big part of taking back control of our finances. Are you buying a coffee every day on your way to work? Meeting friends at the coffee shop for lunch? Buying takeaways 3 times a week. These habits are not helping you. It is time to create new habits that will positively impact your bank account. Can you make your own coffee and take it with you on your way to work? Can you make coffee when you get to work? Can you meet your friends for a picnic in the park? Get creative in the kitchen and learn a new dish to cook each week. Look at the nights you get takeaways, are you too tired to cook? Look for simple recipes you can throw together - mine is a pasta bake either just veggies or with tuna.

  5. Bring your kids into the process, allow them to understand why we need to move things on.

    Our kids need to understand why things are changing, make sure that you look at the language you use around these changes so it is a positive experience. Talk about the goals you want to achieve as a family. Create a way you are going to celebrate when you achieve your goal. (pick a little goal at first so that they can see it happening quickly and then it will inspire you and them to take action to make the next goal happen)


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Terri Watson is a mother of 3 on a mission to empower women to take control of their finances. After going through financial stress herself she decided to use her professional experience in Financial Planning, qualifications and personal experience to start building a safe space for women to come and learn how to build their financial foundations, stop living pay to pay and align their spending to their goals.

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