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Have you been struggling to achieve your financial goals and/or is time getting away on you, have you been using the excuse “When we have money we will do this, go here, buy that”. The Healthy Wallet Project has been created to help you become confident when making financial decisions and to keep you accountable so you FINALLY start seeing results.

Your money mindset is where you start on your journey with us, we have your financial well-being at the front of our minds, to start reaching your financial goals you need to be 100% on board.

Unsure if you should be seeing a Financial planner or Mortgage broker to help you get back on track? Come see us first, our Money Coach will sit down with you, go through your goals talk about your strengths and weaknesses and together you will determine the best path to take.

A Money Coach will help you stay accountable and will work closely with your Financial Planner/Mortgage Broker/Accountant to ensure you are on track and providing support if things change.

Terri Watson the founder of The Healthy Wallet Project is a Money Mindset Coach, she has been working with families over the past 12 months work towards their financial goals. She is very passionate about helping families understand their Finances, Superannuation and Insurance.

Would you like to get in contact with Terri? Hit the link here to flick her through an email.


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Empowering workshop series coming soon to become confident Savvy Saving Mums