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Our Experts

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Michelle Maynard

Michelle is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor (Tax Institute Australia) with over 15 years’ experience in tax and accounting. With a varied career working for entities such as the Australian Taxation Office, PricewaterhouseCoopers and now as a Partner at Carbon Group, Michelle has spent her time working with all facets of industry. Michelle's aim is to educate the community on all things Accounting, Tax and Business by providing expert insight to complex manners, by explaining them in an easy to understand manner. Michelle was named as ‘One of the Top 50 Women in Accounting’ in 2018 by Practice Ignition and was awarded ‘New Partner of the Year’ at the AccountantsDaily Awards (announced May 2019). She was a finalist for Small Business Advisor of the Year in 2019.


Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller is a Business Strategist, Inspo Sprinkler, Success Coach and founder of the Inspired Mark. Through her one-to-one coaching, group programs and the annual Make Your Mark summit, Jess is on a mission to cultivate a community of awakened entrepreneurs to lead profitable and impactful businesses. 


Dr Aimee Brown

Dr Aimee Brown is a Holistic Chiro and PT.

Simple but significant holistic health. She has a passion for working with women to help them get their body and mind working at its best and showing you that it can be simple.


Rachel Dhanjal

One half of the Wellness Twins, Rachel is a Mindset Coach and Kinesiologist and love supporting women to move through fear, kick self-doubt to the curb and connect with their true authentic self, so they can thrive in life and business. Her personal story lead her to the work she does today.


Samantha Dhu

Samantha Dhu supports the modern day mamas to ditch the mum guilt and stress so that they have more energy and alignment in life and business. With over 15 years experience empowering women from all walks of life, Sam combines her knowledge of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychological Therapy with her own life experience juggling Mum/Biz Life to help her clients create the life and business of their dreams.


Chloe Dennison

One half of The Wellness Twins, Chloe is a naturopath with over 11 years experience in the natural medicine industry she has a genuine love for health, wellness and helping people. She believes that empowering her patients to take charge of their health will lead them to optimal and vibrant wellbeing and health for life.