Learn how to build strong Financial Foundations to become a Savvy Saver

Simple and Fun

Money shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating!

That's why we've designed a simple and engaging monthly membership to help you build your Financial Foundations and become a Savvy Saver!

Each month we will cover a topic that will help you build your financial knowledge, simplify your life and align yourself with your goals.


Learn Together

Facing challenges with friends is a lot easier. Come join our community of change makers!

Women who, like yourself, are tired of going around in circles, not achieving savings goals and wondering where their money is going.

Every week you have the chance to jump on a Zoom chat as a group to share what challenges you are facing so we can work through them together, ask a question, get accountability or just come for a chat.

Working through challenges is more fun together. 

What's Included?

Inside this Monthly Membership you will get access to Masterclasses and workbooks covering  key areas in the financial foundation building process. You can work through at your own pace or as a group in our monthly workshops.

Goal Setting

Learn how to create goals that are aligned with you. So often we shove what our heart desires way back waiting for the day we have money. But that day never comes and we contine going around in circles. Until you make it happen.

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Know your numbers

Get to know your numbers. Looking at your numbers can be overwhelming right. BUT it is the key to your success. This Masterclass will help you uncover what is going on to help you build a budget that actually works!

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Master your Mindset

How strong is your Money Mindset? In this Masterclass we look at the money stories that have been holding you back, understanding where they have come from and reframe them to help you build a positive mindset around money.

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Simplify your life

We can easily over complicate our lives trying to find the thing that will create our happiness. In this Membership you will discover stripping back and going back to basics will help you uncover what really makes you happy and how you can bring that into your life more.

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Financial Planning

Do you know what is going on in your Superannuation and Life Insurances?  These are two areas that people put off and they are very important part of your financial future. We will help you get to know them better to help you create your financial plan.

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It is really easy for us to create goals that we think we are meant to be achieving and making unrealistic expectations. During this process we regularly check in to make sure we are aligned with our goals. And if not we change things up! Start living life how you want!

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You know that goal you always dream about… the one you tell yourself you’ll achieve ‘one day’ (perhaps when you win Lotto)? It’s time to connect with it - and believe that it’s entirely possible for you to make it a reality, even without a windfall of cash.

I’ll step you through the process of unpacking your vision AND auditing your spending habits to address the habits and triggers that are getting in the way of your financial freedom.

In our first month together we will set up your Financial Foundations to lay the groundwork to be able to support your action plan to make your goals happen.



Do you have an inner mean girl that rears her ugly head from time to time? Perhaps she tells you things like “You are never going to be rich so why bother” or “Everyone else has it all together – the high powered job, the fancy car, the big house but you can’t even make it through a week without transferring money from your savings” or “You are never going to get out of debt”. You don’t need me to tell you she’s not doing you any favours… so it’s time to part ways once and for all!

Stick around for the second month and we’ll rewrite your money stories and break your unhelpful habits so you can embrace your inner Savvy Saver.



Armed with a crystal-clear financial vision and rock-solid money mindset it’s time to truly become Financially Fearless. 

For our final month together, I'll show you how to re-create your budget based on the new strategies you’ve learnt. You will have achieved your 90 day financial goals and saved an ‘emergency fund’ to carry you through any unexpected circumstances. Now you’re ready to set your 6 & 12 month goals that’ll build toward your big picture vision. 

In short: You will be fired up by the results you’ve created in such a short time and ready to start making your financial goals happen.



✔️ Align your spending with your goals?

✔️Build the budget that will make your goals happen?

✔️ Rewrite those money stories that have been holding you back?

✔️ Protect your goals?

✔️ Create a debt reduction strategy that will work?

✔️ Make empowering financial decisions?

✔️ Build on your wealth?

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