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5 Ways to save around your home

As busy time poor families it is hard to stop and look at our finances and I totally get that but how are you going to continue the way you are going without taking a quick health check of your finances.

If your not ready yet to sit down and look at your numbers but you know you need to make a change here are 5 budgeting tips to do around your home that will help get the ball rolling.

1. Meal Prep

This is something we started doing about a year or so ago. Seriously changed the way we shopped, spent money and helped reduce the amount of food waste going out. 

Before going to the shops choose 7 dinners for the next week (or if you are like us 6 meals and one take way) also decide what you are going to have for lunches for work ($10 a day on lunches adds up). We started off with Jaime's 5 ingredient cookbook simple but delicious we have ventured out to Cookbook magazines as we discovered that hubby is a good cook helps he follows the recipe haha. 

By doing this we have reduced the amount of left overs we produced and that use to go into the bin. If you haven't already invest in a worm farm for your veggie scraps - our plants are loving it (and chickens if they are quick enough)

2. Organise your pantry

This goes hand in hand with your Meal Prep by cleaning out your pantry you know exactly what is in there so there is no doubling up which saves money at the check out. Buy containers to order your food, we have one for baking ingredients, veggies, bread, spreads, Jars for Pasta, a clear container or tins ( I had some fun at Kmart haha) 

3. Capsule Wardrobe

Ever go into your wardrobe stare at all your clothes and say "I have nothing to wear" I did! That was until I created my capsule wardrobe. I was reading about project 333 where you choose 33 items of clothing (excluding underwear) and wear only them for 3 months and you sell, give away or put away (winter clothes) your other items you don't wear. I discovered that I had less than 33 items! This was a game changer took away the overwhelm feeling of what I was going to wear. Also gave me purpose when I went to buy items I needed rather then shop for the sake of buying something. 

4. De-clutter 

A habit you can pick up when you are trying to save or stressing about money is buying things for your house you don't need. De cluttering can help relieve stress and the overwhelming sense of stuff. You know that stuff that you just keep tidying up or that thing you bought that day but can't remember why Or that stuff cluttering the bottom of your wardrobe. Go through each room including the kids rooms there will be toys they don't play with that you just keep cleaning up when they make a mess looking for another toy. Decide what you need to keep, either hold a garage sale, pass onto someone else or drop off at a second hand store, there are also lots of great charities out there looking for items to help families get back on their feet. If you struggle at first be easy on yourself try and make it a monthly habit to go through things that you no longer need. You will notice that by doing this it will make you stop and think the next time you are browsing the shops ask yourself "do I really need that" 

5. Pack a picnic and explore 

We love packing a picnic and heading off in the car to explore Perth. Usually somewhere we can walk around easily with the kids. Yes we use money to pay for the petrol but we have saved money on packing food and we go somewhere free. We get out about in the fresh air and nature which is great for everyone's mental health. 

How did you find these 5 tips? Have a try let me know how you go tag me on Instagram @savvysavingmum or put a post in the community I would love to see what you get up to! 

Chat soon!


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Terri is a mum of two with a passion to help families take control of their finances and combat financial stress. Her big picture vision is for her family to live a simpler life, show her kids how to grow food, look after animals and discover who they are on their own terms on a 10 acre farm with a cosy fireplace at the heart of the home. 

Terri Watson